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Sharon S. Rophie, Au.D.

Welcome to Harbor Hearing, P.A.

Your journey to better hearing begins here! We are a local independent practice in Palm Harbor, Florida. Our mission is to provide the best personalized, quality hearing health care in our community. We truly believe that better hearing will lead to a better quality of life. We strive to provide excellent service and achieve patient satisfaction. At Harbor Hearing we follow a patient-centered approach focusing on your individual hearing care needs. We follow best practice guidelines in Audiology for the treatment of hearing loss and tinnitus.

Latest from Harbor Hearing
Common Deceptions About Hearing Aids and How They Limit You
“Everybody has excuses. Champions don’t use them.”  Every time I hear this quotation, I am reminded of how much our mindset influences our lives. The top athletes in the world have had to overcome incredible obstacles—difficult training, severe injuries, and rough …
Tinnitus Causes and Treatment
As an audiologist I was trained to identify, diagnose, and manage or treat disorders of the inner ear. One of the most common disorders I help treat and manage is called tinnitus. Tinnitus is commonly described by my patients as ringing …
Common Misconceptions About Amplification
Have you ever said the following: “Hearing aids are too expensive,” “Hearing aids are all the same” or “Hearing loss is normal for my age”? These common misconceptions are dangerous since they can cause you to ignore your hearing loss or …
One Hearing Aid or Two
“Do I need two hearing aids, or can I get by with just one?”  This question is one I hear quite frequently from patients with hearing loss in both ears. Personally, I understand their point of view: why invest in two …
Top 4 Reasons Your Hearing Aids Whistle!
“Give a little whistle!” If you’ve ever watched Disney’s Pinnochio, you are likely familiar with the song that Jiminy Cricket sings, titled, “Give a Little Whistle.” In the movie, this whistle is a cry for help. If you wear hearing aids, …
Features of Assistive Listening Devices
May signifies an exciting time of the year for audiologists around the world. Flowers are blooming, the air is growing warmer, and Better Speech & Hearing Month has just begun.  I thought long and hard about what topic I would cover …
Hearing Aids of the Future
Researchers are constantly improving hearing aid performance and appeal. One of their goals is to reduce background noise to make focused listening easier. To accomplish this task, researchers have undertaken a new study investigating the use of brainwaves in improving speech …
What You Don’t Know About Pets and Hearing Aids
The majority of people in the United States have had a pet at some point. Some didn’t have pets until they were older, and others have had pets throughout their lives and cannot imagine living without an animal companion. Dogs keep …
Could your hip implant be causing your hearing loss?
Over the years, metal hip replacements have been found to cause hearing loss, tinnitus, and balance issues. Though issues may not occur shortly after the replacement, after some wear or corrosion of the chrome or cobalt individuals may experience damage in …
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